Worldwide Load Testing Specialists are proud to be the sole distribution partner of JW Auto Marine in Africa. This means we are able to offer Africa European standard air lift & water bags at cost effective prices. our bags are manufactured to international standards ensuring that even when we test for safety - we are ourselves achieving safety on site.


We also offer a host of other equipment sales, rentals and services; including sale of load cells, magnetic rope testers and hire of testing & rigging equipment. 

Worldwide Load Testing Specialists are able to offer a wide range of products and services to both end users and lifting machine entities. 

WWLTS offer these services on two different linked platforms. To stream line this for you and get you to where you need to be, the icons below will put you in the right place. 


This page will redirect you to our services page.


This page focuses on our Inspections, Load Testing and other essential services to end users and industry.


WWLTS is able to boast as the leading lifting machine entity (LME) in Africa in terms of inspections, load testing and certification of lifting equipment - this is according to the Department of Employment and Labour. 

This the current page you have landed on. This platform is to present our products & training we offer to end users, lifting machine inspectors (LMI) and lifting machine entities (LME). 

Click on any of the menus to browse and find what you are looking for - from load test bags sales to rentals OF lifting equipment plus lifting tackle - we offer it all. All product data is available on this site and the short cut links allow you to enquire at the click of a button. 

WWLTS offers European standard load test bags at competitive pricing. Load test bags are a more economically viable and safer option for testing of lifting equipment. All of our bags come with drop test certificates to ensure quality management as required by European standards. 

WWLTS has recently re-established its lab at the Gauteng branch. This means we are able to offer calibrations up to 120 MT to our clients to ensure your machine measures accurately within 1% as required by incorporated standards. 

WWLTS offers European standard air lift bags at competitive pricing. With a wide range of enclosed and parachute air lift bags there is no application we cant provide for. 

WWLTS offers a wide range of conventional lifting tackle including grade 10 & 12 components and a wide range of ropes including both conventional & high performance ropes.  

WWLTS offers a wide range of rentals of proof load test bags, air lift bags, load cells, rigging equipment, solid weights, MRT testers & mobile test rigs.

WWLTS offers a range of load link and shackle type load cells in order to ensure your load is as accurate as required by the incorporated standards.

These courses are offered to candidates in an environment that is best suited to the client. Candidates are trained thoroughly in the legal, technical and practical aspects and are required to do a practical assessment at the end of each course to ensure they have acquired the knowledge.

MRT TESTING is a welcomed tool to assist inspectors to accurately report on the condition of a lifting machines steel wire rope in order to ensure that incidents do not occur on site. Visual inspections cannot be considered thorough enough. Time for new technology.

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Purchase of Equipment- info@wwlts.co.za

Rentals - hire@wwlts.co.za